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Ms. Areeba Sheikh


Iam proud to say that I belong to this wonderful temple of knowledge: KNSIT. As I had always wished to graduate from a place that has cooperative professors, a state of the art infrastructure, huge library resources, laboratories pertaining to latest technologies and clean and vast campus with a good canteen that serves very hygienic food. My college is the blend of all these. The courses, expert lectures, and other co-curricular activities manifolds our knowledge in technical as well in other necessary life long activities. The congenial environment here has given me numerous opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities. The college environment provides us a platform where we can develop ourselves uniquely and prove to be an expert in highly competitive world.I am fortunate to be a part of this great college and I promise to enlighten the society with the flame of knowledge passed down to me from this auspicious place.

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Mr. Daniel K


Life at KNSIT is a way of life in addition to our regular classes we also have group discussion (G.D), forum activities and communication and presentation skills classes which on to mould our personality this not only makes us brighten our future but also leads us to the path of glory which we youngsters dream

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Mr. Jabeer Sharief


"I have been interested in engineering, before joining KNSIT I really wasn't focused infect I felt something was missing in what I pursued. Thanks to my cousin, he had said that KNSIT was a great place and would be the right channel to pursue my ambition. Looking back he was not exaggerating. As I work toward my future I realize what was the missing component in my life, as a restless person by nature. It is important to keep myself busy. KNSIT provides a right balance of academics, sports and extracurricular activities. While many colleges may offer good educational programmes, how many actually provide aplatform for self expression."

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Ms. Anjum


KNSIT offers a blend of learning , amusement and integration of enduring principles. As a Computer Engineering student it provides a wide arena of the field and thus I get to learn something new with every subject. The entire study environment makes it easy for a student to learn and inculcate the spirit to stand out amongst the talented and hard-working students. What amazes me is the plethora of extra curricular activities that the college offers hence compelling every student to explore and pursue his/her extra talents. The Institute manages both the areas extremely well and a student always finds himself in a pool of never ending oppurtunities, be it technical or non-technical. Another feather in the cap is the professors that impart quality education to its students. Never can a student find himself lost in a concept and professors not being able to rescue him! . The Institute's library serves to all our queries in terms of no of books, papers, periodicals and helping staff. The infrastructure of the college is energetic and speaks for itself.

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Ms. Fathima


I feel fortunate to be a student of this college. We are blessed with very senior and experienced faculty as well as state of art laboratories with sophisticated and advanced instruments on which students are allowed to work themselves. The college has a very conductive atmosphere for education. Also this college allows one to aim higher in their life. We get plenty of opportunities to develop our all round personalities not only through excellent academic atmosphere but also through various co-curricular, cultural and sports activities..

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Mr. Keerthi


"Since I am from Bangalore, I decided to pursue my technical education from an eminent engineering college. Meanwhile I was informed a bout some leading institutions including KNS College. Subsequent to campus visits came the final decision of enrollment. In retrospect I think it was a good decision. The factor impressed me a lot about KNS was the core philosophy of governing concepts and the positive synergy at the helm of management committee. The college has instilled a sense of security-both, academic and social, in us. The level of discipline and total commitment to the ultimate welfare of student body is priority number one in KNS.".

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Mr. Adarsh


An institution is the home of learning new thing in life. Getting good education, Getting around things done in a professional way. As an Engineering student of KNS Institute Of Technology I would like to educate my self by learning new things and would like to grab opportunities as it comes on my way, show case my talents and strengths inside as well as outside the college campus. Last but not the least. I would like to end my words saying that, As a student I am glad and honored to say that what I am today is all because of the beautiful blessings of all mighty and my parents. I would like to thank them from the bottom of my heart. With the help of knowledge and respect which I gained from this college. I would like to fly with high colours of success in my life!

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