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Department Of Mechanical Engineering

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About the Department

The Mechanical Engineering department is committed to continuously improve the quality of education by enhancing the knowledge of students.The department with highly qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty along with research bent of mind has been driving the institution towards excellence in teaching as well as in R&D activities.It presents a unique opportunity for each individual to study the exciting field with great enthusiasm.

Industrial visits and guest lectures by experts from industries are arranged on regular basis to enhance learning and expose the students to latest happenings in the field of mechanical engineering.

The results have been excellent. Mechanical Department is about always trying to push the bar a little more, constantly innovating and never standing still.


To emerge as a provider of high-quality education in the field of mechanical engineering to meet the needs of the society, match the industry standards with world-class competency and efficiency.


  • To educate, prepare and mentor students to excel as professionals.
  • To provide facilities and environment conducive to high-quality education to get diverse careers in mechanical engineering.
  • To engage students in academic as well as scholarly activities which strengthen the department in a global market.
  • To achieve international standards to fulfill the “Make in INDIA” industrial policy through innovation and research.


MEPEO1: To prepare the students for successful professional careers with strong fundamental knowledge in science, Mathematics, English and Engineering Science so as to enable them to analyze the mechanical engineering related problems leading to leadership, entrepreneurship or pursuing higher education (preparation).

MEPEO2: To develop ability among the students for acquiring technical knowledge in specialized areas of mechanical engineering such as materials, design, manufacturing and thermal engineering with the focus on research and innovation and gaining the technical skills in classical software packages (core competence and professionalism)

MEPEO3: To provide the opportunities for the students to work in the multi-discipline field of engineering so as to enhance the ability among the students to understand the different industrial environments.

MEPEO4: To promote the students for continues learning, research and development with strong professional, moral and ethical values and zeal for lifelong learning() learning environments).